Unlock Your Business Potential with Targeted Google Ads Newry

In today’s digital era, reaching the right audience is crucial for business success. Google Ads, a powerful online advertising platform, allows you to do just that. At OIN Interactive, we specialize in creating and managing Google Ads campaigns that deliver … Read More

Stopping SPAM with Akismet

Lots of our website customer experience SPAM on the news posts and the pages that they create in their WordPress, Content Management System. This nuisance SPAM is annoying and can fill up your email box very quickly, you can always install … Read More

An Teach Mór – Free Irish Language App

Learn the basics of the Irish language or Gaeilge in the home. The app allows the user to explore 7 rooms in a virtual house, where each room contains tasks and fun challenges. This early version of the game features only 2 levels. … Read More

Membership Card Design

So what have we been at, to start the new year off? We re-designed the membership card, for a local customer who wanted, an eye catching unique card design, that featured their logo and contact information and a well delivered … Read More

4CNW Creative Directory Success Story

It is with great pleasure that we announce today Oin Interactive got listed successfully in the Creative State North West, Creative Directory. On the 21st March 2013 the Administration panel in County Sligo, recommended our business Oin Interactive, for inclusion … Read MoreRead More


School Logo Designs

We were approached by a local School , who wished to have a Logo designed to represent them in an expanding education marketplace. We visited the school initially to gather a sense of what the school was trying to project … Read MoreRead More

What Thermal Paste should I use

What is Thermal Paste?   Thermal paste is a conductive material used to allow better flow of heat between two or more objects.  In the computer world, it is used on heat sinks that are connected to the CPU and … Read MoreRead More

un-clipping ram lock

How to upgrade or replace your computers ram

How to upgrade or replace your computers ram   Level:  Beginner   Time Taken:  5 -10 minutes   What you will need:   Philip’s screwdriver Compatible Ram Module   Upgrading or replacing your computers ram is an easy task, just … Read MoreRead More

2GB ram

Choosing the right ram for your computer

Choosing the right ram for your computer   With an ever increasing pool of different kinds of ram out there, it’s no surprise that people are often confused about what kind of ram they need for their computer.  Here is … Read MoreRead More

When planning your website

  We always emphasise the importance of planning your website’s design, the reason for this? Just have a browse around the internet and you will find copious amounts of bad websites born out of poor planning, and I’ am not … Read MoreRead More

Hi Definition Advertising in Belfast

A TV Network with over 1 Million hits every year! We are offering a low cost solution to compete with Printed Ad’s. With Most of North & West Belfast covered your advert will be seen by over 1 Million Customers … Read More