Graphic Design

We have been making graphics collectively for over 20 years, and we bring this experience to new and old customers looking to refresh a brand or create something new, Our Graphic Designers are based in Belfast, Newry and we cover most of Ireland, with clients in Cork, Dublin and USA, France and Italy. We hope we can demonstrate some of our work below but for the most recent work please review our news pages to find out about the latest designs for web and general multimedia in Belfast. Please use the contact page to get in touch. We are experienced in producing a large range of printed materials, some of which include:
  • Flyers
  • Logo Design and Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Billboard Design
  • Wedding Stationery
  • Drawings for Publication
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures

Business Card Design

Business Cards are quite simple and with a little planning, this can lead to a smooth process between you, the designer &  printer, I offer the chance for people to source their own printing and can often get work just designing the cards. Have the information ready in a Word document, the proper phone numbers, and the title for the card, if there is a subtitle include it also. Get your company logo ready in high-resolution format, if you don’t have a company logo you need to have some way to brand yourself. Have a number in your head for the amounts of cards you will need and remember you can always get a reprint from the printer. Numbers vary quite a bit from printer to printer but expect to get quotes typically for, 250, 500, 750, and 1000(in these ranges). The price goes down per copy the more you order.

Printed Publications

Front cover of the book battles boats and bones
Battles Boats & Bones – I worked on the illustrations and diagrams contained within this publication.
Front cover of the book Deerpark
Been waiting for ages to be able to say I’ve worked on this publication and it’s now due to go on sale in the next few weeks. I helped prepare the illustrations and worked on a few custom illustrations for use within this book.
Front cover of the book Armagh Survey
The Armagh Volume – worked on the illustrations contained within this book. Also re drew some maps and diagrams.
Front cover of the book - Monuments of NI in state care
Designed the Distribution Map for the 150+ sites contained within the book. Also worked on preparing the images for print.
front cover of the 2007 european heritage open day
Designed and worked on the layout for the layout of 200+ Listed buildings. Worked on editorial and Branding of overall Event, from initial prototype idea into full graphic design workout, illustrations created, postcard campaign, guest invitations, flyers, street signage and Press statement.
Front cover of the Carrickfergus Book
This smaller publication features illustrations and colored plans prepared by me, the front cover and the book launch graphics were worked on by myself
Front cover of the book Life in Early Times
Worked on the internal layout for this educational series book, cleaning up artifacts and photos for inclusion in this publication. Planned the printing of this publication.

Logo Design


Do you need a Brand identity Fast, professional design ready for print? “Where can I get a Stationary Pack with my brand identity printed and ready for use. We can Design Print and Deliver your Stationary Pack Anywhere in Ireland. Rocky-road-logo

logo copy



How we do it!

We can help by managing the design and print. “Spending time going through a few possible ideas allows the client to get a better feel for what direction they want to take regarding creative inspiration. Then agreeing upon a chosen direction a selection of Prototype ideas follows, once the chosen logo has been selected we finish the artwork to all modern print specifications. We also Design and Supply Print-ready PDF Files for your records. Included in this pack are Headed Paper, Business Cards, and Letterheads.” GV-D3-SL

After all, you need to stand out in today’s market

For example: The Next place to visit is the website section where you can set up a small business website in no time at all. This would apply after you have reached the stage of having a brand identity / logo.

Logo Re-Design For Business

Refresh your old logo, and web2.0 look and feel. “Refreshing an old dried-up logo can inject a new vibrancy to your company or organization. We Specialise in Logo Re-Design and Have offered our services to many clients in the public and private sectors. Branding is so important for a business or venture to get off the ground smoothly. If you need a brand identity for your business or are thinking of updating your brand identity, let us know about it and we will help to arrange a free consultation for you. If you need a set of customized logos for your business that can be arranged, let’s say you are having a festival and need to have badges we can arrange a button design. Or if you are modernizing your website to include facebook icons and Twitter icons, you may well want customized ones, just to make you look the part. If you would like a Fav Icon for your website just send us an email and we usually can provide examples within a few hours. Finally, if you would like to see previous examples of our work or Final printed materials please use the contact form or click here.

Digital Photo Repair

I provide a custom photo repair service, this extends to anything you need to be accomplished within the image. Removal or additions are not a problem. Please provide as many details as you can and If you have not already got a digital scan of the image I suggest you get this ASAP or else we can provide a digital scanning service for you. Restore old images or images needed for important events can be manipulated to achieve desired results.

Traditional Flyer Design

One of the nicest formats to design is the A5 flyer, it fits nicely into a print cycle, getting 4 per A3 page. This involves less trimming and paper waste. The A5 flyer is best used when double-sided and has a nice glossy finish. Other formats are always welcome, to prepare your flyer write down everything you would want to include in a simple word processor document. Then go online and search for a few images that would suit your text link to the text in some way or represent your mission statement. Then all this can be passed to someone like me, via email to begin the layout for your design, try to have a number in your mind, for a print run, start with brackets of (250, 500, 1000), this is typically the way printers would give quotes. I can manage the whole process from Design, Print, & Delivery.

Banners Billboards and Popups

What is multimedia design?

Multimedia is simply media that includes a combination of any of the following:
  • Audio
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Text
  • Images
  • Interactivity
Multimedia is a great way to make your website more fun and interactive, but before you decide on whether or not you want your website to be rich with multimedia, think about what the purpose of your website is, will your customers benefit from the addition of animation, sounds, games or will it drive them away?

3D Models, Animations, Interactive Buildings

I started learning 3D Modelling at University where, as a part of our studies in 3D Animation, we studied companies like PIXAR™. For my first ever serious project I had to create a model of Tutankhamun (The most famous Egyptian pharaoh today – Source Wikipedia – This involved studying the shape of the face, the shoulders, and some of the rest I made up, as I was using a replica model I bought from the Museum of fine Art in Boston MA Honestly, 3D modeling was a hobby for me before technology made everything so much easier. This means that after doing it the hard way for a few years, it is easier to use the more modern software – Like Google Sketchup8™ I have to look through a whole pile of cd’s from college, to find ones with any of my final renders. they looked really bad as I remember, in them days you had to wait by your machine and guard it against anyone else stopping your render (between lecturers sharing the same classroom). Thankfully things are faster now, and we can pretty much get an idea of what the final render will be like before committing the processing time.  – When I find any images ill post the here.

Heritage Models

I also worked on many heritage models and Listed Building Models Via 3 Dimensional Renders and Interactive Displays. carrickfergus castle 3D Fly around