An Teach Mór

Learn the basics of Irish language or Gaeilge in the home, the app allows the user to explore 7 rooms in a virtual house, each room contains tasks and fun challenges, this early version of the game features only 2 levels.

Over the last several years, from when the first smartphone was introduced, more and more people are browsing the internet, playing games, socialising, shopping and more using their mobile phones or through tablets.  It is predicted that by the year 2013, there will be more people browsing the internet using their handheld devices than a computer.  This makes it essential for all webmasters who want to remain competitive in the virtual world to create a website, formatted for use on an IOS device.

Na Postanna

This app aims to bring the Irish Gaeilge language to a wider audience, Learn about all the different occupations and how to pronounce the words, interact with the different characters and learn 30 different new words off by heart. Explore an interactive landscape with lots of thing to learn and interact with.

Due to the screen size difference between the average computer monitor and a smartphone, websites viewed on a smartphone can often be completely unusable.  This isn’t the only issue when viewing a website that is not optimized for mobile devices, but it is the main reason many people will be unable to use your website. 


Instead of an app that claims to Learn the entire Irish Language in one package, This app Will teach you the names of Animals in Irish, Some people want to learn Irish, but this Vocabulary app will teach you in Gaeilge over 25 New words, The Word of Animals in Ireland.

Design for Mobile Devices

Various elements prevent mobile users from viewing a website the same way a computer user would, with that in mind; here are some tips on how to optimize your application for Mobile Devices and reasons for doing so.


Instead of creating a whole new theme for handheld devices, a separate website theme for mobile and tablet users can be created by editing the CSS of your website; this is highly recommended as a time saver, and beneficial to both you and your viewers.


Having 100 links all bunched up tight is a nightmare for a smartphone user trying to browse your website, and its most likely one less conversion for you.  Ease of navigation will allow the user to enjoy your website; this can be accomplished by creating links that are easy to see, easy to click and few in number (5-9).

• Low file size

Faster page load times = happier viewer, simple logic, yet not always simple to implement.  Optimise the file sizes of videos, audio, images and whatever else you plan on having on your mobile website, as people don’t like to wait around and are likely to just leave your website quickly.


It is important to prioritise the content on your website; this is due to smart phones having lower resolution, slower download speeds and a lack of compatibility with programmes such as flash.  Your most important content should be easily accessed and clearly view-able to users, using a one Column layout is the common way to go, as you want the page to scroll only one way, allowing users to scroll every direction can be annoying and confusing when trying to find specific content.


While the majority of smart-phones have touch-screens, there are still many that do not and users of these phones would be unable to use a website designed only for smartphones with touch-screens.  A common solution for this is to create two different websites, one for touch-screen users and one for non-touchscreen users.

If you are interested in getting your website styled for mobile devices and tablets, please contact us for more information.

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  1. Clare

    Hi we love this game – when are you going to add the other rooms?