How to upgrade or replace your computers ram

un-clipping ram lock

How to upgrade or replace your computers ram


Level:  Beginner


Time Taken:  5 -10 minutes


What you will need:


Philip’s screwdriver

Compatible Ram Module


Upgrading or replacing your computers ram is an easy task, just follow this guide and you’ll have your computer running better than ever.

Start by removing one of the side panels of your computer case (chassis) using the Philips screwdriver.  The panel you want to remove is the one facing your motherboard, so that you can easily access the ram slots.


removing side of pc



Ram slots are generally positioned at the top right or bottom centre of a motherboard.  In order to remove ram from the motherboard, using your finger, press back the locking mechanism on each side of the ram slot.  These locks, depending on how they are designed, can be quite troublesome to open and close, don’t be afraid to use a bit of force to get them opened.



un-clipping ram lock


Once you’ve got the lock opened, lift the ram out gently, placing your thumb and finger on each end of the ram stick, try to avoid touching the centre of the ram.


how to lift ram


You will notice a small notch in the ram slots, the position of the notch is important, as only the correct ram module will fit and you must not try to force incompatible ram into your motherboard, otherwise the ram will damage itself and potentially your motherboard too.


notch in ram slots


Place compatible ram into the ram slots, making sure to match the small hole in the ram module with the notch of the slots.  Push one side of the ram module down until the locking mechanism closes, then do the same with the other side, check that the new ram is secure.


how to insert new ram


Now, simply screw the computers side panel back on and you’re good to go!


If you do not know what kind of ram your computer needs, you can find out here.






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