CD, Inlay Booklet and DigiPack Design for Local Musicians

This week seen Oin Interactive get a repeat job from a happy client. The Patience Family are releasing a new album called Parkrow Road. This is a traditional Harp Music collection, Artists from Co Down, and we are happy to have been asked to design the second album as we also designed the first album.

The artwork comes in three parts and can look strange to the non-designer. These files are then used during the printing process to turn and stick onto a card background that finished off the album in a hearty rustic way.

  • The CD cover Design
  • The Inlay booklet
  • The Digi-Pack housing

Included on this link is the Inlay booklet, a small booklet in square format that is stuck inside the pack, with lyrics and acknowledgements.


I also included the DIGI pack artwork, this shows how to layout a digi-pack design. The artwork is folded down the middle and then again across the half, All artwork is made in CMYK at @300dpi.



  1. Head

    What paper is used for the printout?

  2. gavin

    170gsm triple coated glossy paper

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