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Halo4 disk did not install

So, being the massive Halo fan that I am, I couldn’t wait to play 343 studio’s take on the massively popular and innovative gaming series. The new Halo 4 was just released this week, but, being so busy with work … Read MoreRead More

How to repair Sony MDR v700 headphones

Oin Interactive recently had to repair a pair of High Quality Headphones. They were Sony MDR v700 DJ headphones. With only one lead going into a single ear speaker. This is preferential for Dj’ing as you cant have leads trailing … Read MoreRead More

Hi Definition Advertising in Belfast

A TV Network with over 1 Million hits every year! We are offering a low cost solution to compete with Printed Ad’s. With Most of North & West Belfast covered your advert will be seen by over 1 Million Customers … Read More

Truths about project management

When running a small business with only one employee(me), you need to get your project management skill up to speed quickly. I had very little experience of project management when leaving university, This was an area where I knew that … Read More

Apples Eliza

Apple’s Eliza

 Eliza I recently stumbled across this old program on Mac Tips, Its a computer program created in 1966, designed to simulate a therapist or psychoanalyst,  it allows you to have a conversation with your mac, using pre-recorded responses to common words. … Read More