Truths about project management

When running a small business with only one employee(me), you need to get your project management skill up to speed quickly. I had very little experience of project management when leaving university, This was an area where I knew that I needed to brush up on. I started by looking for software online and found quite a few that companies were offering to use their project management website. I have listed a few of these sites below, But I wanted my own solution on my own server, so it was private and nobody else could have my data. In the end I settled on this solution – WP project

Project management solutions online


Ten Things to watch out for.

  1. A really well planned out project will, only take twice as long to finish, but a bad plan will lead to scope creep at three times longer than expected.
  2. If you fall behind, and try to catch up, you will inevitably loose out somewhere else.
  3. Now if the project is going well and everything looks good, be ready for everything to go wrong.
  4. Surely if  things are going bad, they will unpredictably go horribly downhill.
  5. Now if everything starts to come together and everybody seems happy, you have neglected something.
  6. Development on well planned projects will see most projects sit at 95% for ages and ages, and ages.
  7. You are most prone to errors at the beginning of new projects when you must make hard decisions that effect schedule.
  8. No project that is planned out, ever finishes with the same people that started it, or under budget.
  9. Remember to include time to actually update your project management solution, this can often be overlooked.




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