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So after using the same hosting company for over 16 years, they (I won’t name the old company as they are gone.) were bought out / over in April 2023, This was a bit of a surprise as no one had told me about the impending purchase. I had around 300 websites being hosted with this company – the new company sent a bunch of emails about the acquisition and how everything would be the same and it would all be ok. Well, long story short it all wasn’t okay, within weeks I found myself on the receiving end of a lot of 403 Forbidden and 503 Resource Limit reached.

503 Service Unavailable - Move to better hosting
Sick of bad Hosting


I was making daily support tickets for things that just never were an issue before, on one occasion on a mid-week trip to Boston MA, I got blocked out from my emails for multiple domains and blocked for unusual login activity, I did not ever think that visiting the USA would knock out 10 websites which were all hosted on the same hosting package, and as a result of my iPhone logging in to check emails, this was flagged as suspicious – sort of ruined the trip because of the number of calls I had from disgruntled customers, This new Company Host Presto – I won’t even bother linking to their website had promised me that if I were to upgrade to bigger more expensive hosting packages then all would be ok, This dragged on for months, until at the end of the summer I had finally had enough. I did my research and found one of the best and most secure hosting providers available and since then I have been moving sites and domains under my control over to SiteGround.

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