Why are mobile websites important?

Why are mobile websites important?


There has been a major increase in internet traffic over the last few years.  This increase is due to a number of factors, most prominent being the advances in mobile technology and the services they utilise such as:

  • WIFI
  • EDGE
  • 3G
  • 4G

With the ability to surf the internet from most any location, socialise with friends and family through various websites and apps optimized for mobile use, read and send emails, play games online and more without the restriction that desktop computing requires, it’s no surprise then that researchers predict mobile browsing will take over desktop browsing in the near future.



You might be wondering “Do I need a mobile website?” the answer is simple, Yes!

The screen sizes of mobile devices are much smaller than the monitors/screens desktop computers use, meaning that, although your website may look amazing on the big screen, when it is compressed down to fit a small screen, the content with be squashed, rearranged, broken and the website may not even load, considering the memory and capability of most mobile devices, websites hosting a vast amount of applications and images would cause even the top of the line mobile devices to struggle.


The best solution for this is to create a simple website, specifically designed and optimised for mobile users with a focus on user experience.

Remaining competitive in any market means servicing as much of that market base as possible.  It would be a mistake for anyone wishing to do so to ignore the statistics and to not invest in future technologies.

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