The Car College Website re-design

image of the car college homepage

image of the car college homepageOur latest project is a website re-design of  The Car College, a driving school who offer car and motorcycle lessons.


The reasons for the re-design were numerous, the goal of the website is to convert traffic into clients, the previous design failed to do that, some of the issues we found were:

  • The colour scheme was dark and moody
  • The layout of text and images were a mess, information was difficult to find and to understand
  • There was no way to book for a lesson online
  • The content management system was clunky and difficult to use, making updating the website for the owner a difficult task.


So, the first issue tackled was the colour, the last colour scheme consisted of black and a very dark blood red, which would have been great.. had the website been for fans of horror.  We wanted users to feel clam yet reassured while they browse the site, so we decided on blue and black as the colours, the blue being the more dominant of the two.


The nest issue was the layout, an important issue for every website, reading shouldn’t be a chore and if users have a hard time taking in information there is a good chance they will move onto the next website.  We went with a two column layout, with the left side consisting of  links, made dynamic by the introduction of news articles and comments, while the right column houses static text, formatted so that it is easy to read and understand.


To fix the issue of not being able to book online, We created a contact form, that was easy to find, easy to use and would allow the user to quickly and easily book a lesson within a minute or two.


The biggest issue our client had with his last site was the horrible content management system, not only was he unable to add or edit existing content, but the company he was with previous wanted to charge him absurd amounts of money for even the smallest alteration.  As with all of our sites, WordPress was integrated with the new website design, saying this was a big improvement from the previous CMS would be an understatement.


So there you have it, new website for The Car College, providing services for Car lessons and Motorcycle lessons in the North Belfast area.

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