New Logo for the Granvue Hotel Omeath

Recently a new client approached me about making a New Logo Design for their Business, the management thought it was time to go through a re brand to refresh the business, a Modern , contemporary Hotel in Omeath, Co Louth , Ireland. quite near Dundalk. The client was updating their menus to offer a better range and modern cuisine, the entire business was going to have to adjust to the new Logo Design, the website in time and the Marketing strategy.

This is a challenging thing for a Business to do, its scary, a re brand, will it work? will people like it? It calls for a strategic plan of attack. Getting into the purposes for the re brand, not just jumping into a design package and making any old thing, we spent time with the client at the business, talking to customers and staff , we came up with a very tight Design brief, that allowed the design team to offer a logo that directly answered the questions posed in the brief. It’s one thing to make a logo design but another to make a Lasting Piece of artwork that will still be around in 4-8 years. hopefully longer.

The new logo will  “usher in a new dawn of business for the company”,


The images below show the various options we gave to the client, and it also shows how important it is that your logo works in Black and White as well as colour.



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