New Graphics Installation for Saint Patrick’s Visitor Centre


Happy to say we have successfully finished a signature project for Oin Interactive, our first ever Graphics Installation at the Saint Patrick’s Centre , Downpatrick, Co Down. just got the last few things finished yesterday. We worked with public sector organisations to source information and gather images, this was priceless to design new boards that were as informative as they were a pleasure to look at. We also used a very high quality printer in Belfast, to print our designs before installing the whole lot.

Initial Site Survey and design Brief

Site Survey before graphics installThere were two large circular rooms in real need of a facelift, the centre attracts over 1 million visitors a year and needed a graphics boost to keep the place looking fresh and modern. The old artwork was worn and washed out looking. The first room would need 5 panels, mounted on 5mm flexible printable materials, with corner mounts finished in chrome.

We planned, researched and developed 5 Panels for the first room. This involved contacting museums and collecting images and research from lots of sources. There we numerous site visits to take measurements and review artwork along the creative process.

When a tour group visits the centre they are treated to an IMAX experience, upon exiting the IMAX theatre, now,  visitor will see a striking new time line vector cut out on the wall, this shows off the time line of Saint Patrick’s Life. This is meant to be a feeder to the next room where there are 5 panels for the various periods in time during which Patrick had an influence on Life in Downpatrick.

  • The Church after Patrick
  • The Vikings in Ireland
  • Round Towers
  • Medieval monastic Communities
  • The life of a medieval Monk

3D Templates from the site Survey

By making a 3D model of the area, we are able to plan ahead what the new graphics will look like and provide examples of how the finished product will look. This also allows us to view the project from any angle and illustrate to the client what exactly we are doing.

St-Patricks-Centre01 temp_bmlt Main-facing Distance-render 2 closeup

Samples of the Artwork

Panel2-2300X300  Panel1-2780X1200 PAnel3-880X1200 Panel4-900X1200 Panel5-Piller-32X1200


Flyers and Leaflets

We printed and installed 25,000 flyers and installed flyer holders which give a nice finish to the job. The pillar that held the flyers had to be wrapped in vinyl and then the holders could be installed and filled with nice leaflets about the local area and things to visit.

STP0510 STP059 STP058 STP057 STP053 STP056 STP055 STP054 STP052

Download a PDF of the artwork above


Time-line Design

Our designers created this simple but illustrative time line to show, Saint Patrick’s life journey, a lot of people will find something out about saint Patrick they didn’t know before. This is only a plan the next image shows what it looked like after being printed and installed. You have to keep the design simple so that it can be lathed out of the vinyl printing process creating a clean simple installation and great finish to the blue walls.




IMG_2625 IMG_2630


During Installation

IMG_2600 IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2607 IMG_2605 IMG_2613 IMG_2616 IMG_2940 IMG_2939 IMG_2942 IMG_2945 IMG_2946

Second Circular Room

This room was a lot more complicated, in previous years this room housed 6 touchscreen devices, but after year on year of technological development these machines get old and need maintained. The decision was taken to remove the slots that housed these computers filling in with a new piece of MDF wood. These new pieces of wood were wrapped in vinyl plastic wrap.

IMG_2596 IMG_2594 IMG_2601 IMG_2604 IMG_2608


Flyer Holders



The Multimedia Display



Glass Cabinet Frosting

Glass2-photoIMG_2952 glass-photoIMG_2941 IMG_2946 IMG_2951


Vinyl Wrapping

wallIMG_2940  IMG_2943 IMG_2942  IMG_2948IMG_2953

Pillar Wrap

IMG_2938 IMG_2949





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