A brief recap on XML.

how to use XML

Hello!, I will be helping you understand how to use XML and Indesign.

You must watch this video first. before you ask any questions or do anything else, so go make a cuppa.


After watching this video take a break and have a think about the possibilities this can bring for you. E.G Skysports.com or other websites have an xml file for all up coming games for the premiership. If you were to make up a graphic design for the 10 games held every weekend you would just replace the XML file every week and go to print. Easy!

There are so many examples of how to use XML and when to use XML, also RSS feeds are essentially XML files created every hour or so by a server. Their are many ways to produce quality productions without doing the work to make the information.

In short XML is a new technology its creeping its way into the world of graphic design. I believe in free knowledge and I hope the readers share this.

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