Logo Re-Design a Short Case Study

The brief

To redesign a 20year old logo, which served its purpose well, but is in need of updating. a Refresh.

please modernise me the logo screamed!

A bit about the Old logo

Here is the OLD LOGO, a photo but none the less it was not functional for a modern design requirements, for ipads, mobile, laptops, your logo needs to work on all formats and all screen types.


Deconstruction of Key elements

We began by updating the figures in the old logo, these drawings were traced in Vector format to preserve the resolution. Each character was traced and small details added to each one. This was all that was kept from the old logo the rest was up for re-design. The next step is for us to come up with ideas , rough sketches and prototypes. To free up all the elements and allow things to breath.



Initial Ideas

Once a suitable brief is set, our design team sit down and think creatively about the problem, sketch ideas  and begin to work out a design sheet. Below is an example of of a design sheet with three ideas and subtle variations, the client then adds feedback and advise on what elements the like and the ideas can be used as a starting point for the next design sheet.



Chosen Theme

The following logo was chosen as the most suitable path to follow, for finishing. We worked out a few variations and tried a selection of colour swatches, some elements were removed and some were changed, we also render our logos in Inverted colour and black and white, this allows the client to see how the logo might appear on a photocopy or scanned item.









Finished Logo

This is the finished logo. There are three swirls in the background of different stroke weights, the entire logo only uses three colours. This was a good design choice when it comes to getting clothing like school uniforms, PE kits, etc as those clothing design jobs often are charged per colour used.


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