Logo design

Im going to take you through the design process of branding the worlds first Irish language bi-lingual website, for fitness, training, and gym sessions.

The process started with a few initial ideas using the companies name as a basis for designing a logo, but after having several discussions with the client, the goal for the design changed direction.  A colour scheme made up for different shades of green/yellow/orange was chosen, and the style was to be modern, eventually, the design started to come together, forming a  logo with a modern look, with iconic and typographical impact. When you think of iconic logos you should think Nike, (just the tick or swoosh – no text -but still recognizable), where Sony is all about the text NO icon (100% typographic logo) where Adidas is a fully rounded icon with text and icon. There are lots of examples of this just look around your house at the brands you buy or the things you like on the internet. Car manufactures are a good example of icons and typo logos.

  • Use Green
  • Look like fitness
  • Modern and stylish

early draft Aclai logo designsecond draft OC performance logo

At a certain point it is totally ok to change the name, the process used at Oin interactive allows for adaptive design to suit your needs. The name was changed and the designs kept on adapting. It was obvious at this point that the logo needed a icon and typography to compliment it. After another round of logo ideas and adapting older ideas a range of option were then presented to the client.

various logo designs for aclaian old design for aclaidraft for peak performanceanother idea for a logo logo design for alcai websitea second draft for the logosimple logo design for sports and fitness









Moving on to the final stages where the shape and the text were narrowed down to a sans serif style font and a icon of an athelete being representative of both male and female. These changes were all adaptive and allows for changes and additions.



logo design for red and graya logo designed for a fitness club

final draft for aclai logo

The final Logo & Website

actual aclai logo

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