Revolutionizing Irish Language Web Design: A Tale of Merging Bilingual Websites and Celebrating Success at Gradaim 2023

In the heart of Ireland, where tradition meets innovation, a significant transformation took place for an Irish language organization. The amalgamation of three existing websites into one bilingual masterpiece not only showcased the power of WordPress Multilingual (WPML) but also became a beacon for other Irish Language organizations seeking a seamless online presence. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of merging bilingual sites, explore the challenges and triumphs, and recount the unforgettable experience of attending the prestigious Gradaim ceremony at Croke Park.

Merging Bilingual Websites: A Comprehensive Approach

The Challenge of Combining Over 500 Posts and 50 Pages

Merging multiple websites is no small feat, especially when dealing with extensive content. The blog will highlight the step-by-step process of using WPML to seamlessly integrate over 500 posts and 50 pages, ensuring that the essence of each website is preserved in the new, unified platform.

Managing Over 10,000 Media Assets and Multimedia Elements

One of the key challenges in website amalgamation is handling a vast amount of media assets and multimedia elements. This section will discuss how strategic planning and WPML functionalities facilitated the smooth transition of over 10,000 assets, preserving the visual identity of the organization while enhancing the overall user experience.

Unveiling the New Website: Glor na nGael


Exploring the Website Design

The blog post will take a closer look at the design choices made for the new website, emphasizing the importance of user-friendly navigation and the incorporation of Irish language elements. Highlighting terms such as “Website Design,” “Bi-Lingual Website Design,” and “Irish Language Web Design,” it will serve as a guide for other organizations looking to enhance their online presence.

The Significance of Language in Web Design

Delving into the intricacies of bilingual web design, the post will discuss the importance of language in preserving cultural identity. It will showcase how the new website not only communicates information effectively but also serves as a cultural ambassador for the Irish language.

Gradaim: A Night to Remember at Croke Park

A Brief History of Croke Park

Before delving into the Gradaim ceremony, the blog will provide a brief history of Croke Park, highlighting its cultural and historical significance. Readers will gain an understanding of the venue’s importance and its role in hosting events that celebrate Irish culture and achievements.

The Interactive Map: Putting Award Recipients on the Irish Map

An interactive map showcasing the geographical locations of award recipients adds an extra layer of engagement to the website. The blog will discuss the integration of this feature, demonstrating how it enhances user experience and creates a visual representation of the organization’s impact across Ireland.

A Night Amongst Gaeilge Speakers

Networking and Building Connections

The post will share personal experiences from the Gradaim ceremony, emphasizing the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the Irish language. Attendees, all Gaeilge speakers, will be portrayed as a testament to the vibrant community that the new website aims to serve.

The Impact of a Unified Online Presence

Concluding the blog post, the focus will shift to the broader impact of the amalgamated website on the organization’s goals and the Irish language community. It will inspire other Irish Language organizations to consider the possibilities of a unified online presence and the positive effects it can have on community engagement and outreach.


The journey of merging three bilingual websites into one showcases not only technical expertise but also the commitment to preserving and promoting the Irish language. The new website, Glor na nGael, stands as a testament to the possibilities of bilingual web design, offering valuable insights and inspiration for other Irish Language organizations looking to embark on a similar digital transformation journey.

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