Latest Billboard Design for Belfast Client


Féile na Carraige kicks off with a Splash of Colour.

This week Oin Interactive finished a Billboard design for a client based in west Belfast.It has been a year since we did a large scale billboard design, the last one we did for for the Environment and Heritage Society, so it is one of those design jobs that only comes up every now and then. There’s nothing better than driving about a city or town and seeing a billboard that you designed on the wall.

There is something that needs to be explained though, creating a billboard for design purposes and actually getting the billboard printed and mounted  are completely different things altogether. You will find yourself dealing with a number of other companies to get the billboard printed. During the design process we had to liaise with another Belfast business called Clear Channel., they were responsible for the printing and installation part of the job. We created the graphics and the Artwork, the Graphic Design.

feile na carraige billboard


The design we used also featured throughout the marketing campaign of the Festival (Féile). We had to create various pieces of artwork for the widest possible distribution of the event, among the public. Such As:

  • The A5 Invite – A short invite to post out to people.
  • The Brochure – An A5 20page booklet, the program of events, Bi-lingual.
  • The Electronic version of the booklet for Email Newsletter
  • The Billboard – As you can see from the photo.
  • We used QR codes – To connect with smart phones.
  • The Artwork for the Facebook Campaign

These billboards are on show until the 15th of October 2012 and are in three locations in Belfast. Co Antrim.

They are helping cerebrate the Festival (Féile na Carraige) more info available from


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