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Stopping SPAM with Akismet

Lots of our website customer experience SPAM on the news posts and the pages that they create in their WordPress, Content Management System. This nuisance SPAM is annoying and can fill up your email box very quickly, you can always install … Read More

The Urbanite Home Logo

The Urbanite Home: E-commerce website

This is another fantastic fully-responsive website we’ve created! The Urbanite Home is a company, the owner makes urban-chic industrial furniture by up-cycling oil barrels – he also sells other of home furnishings such as art, rugs, and cushions. A responsive … Read More

HTML5 Responsive Small Business Websites

This week we are Launching another Fantastic HTML5 Responsive Website. A Responsive website is one designed to function and Fit all the modern Smart phones and Tablet devices as well as traditional desktop computers. (without scrolling sideways) Grahams website is … Read More

Butterfly Landing Page Design UX

Sometimes the most important page on your website is the landing page or homepage, There are so many poor looking websites on the internet, in 2014 it is very popular to have a Graceful look across all the new devices … Read More

An Teach Mór – Free Irish Language App

Learn the basics of the Irish language or Gaeilge in the home. The app allows the user to explore 7 rooms in a virtual house, where each room contains tasks and fun challenges. This early version of the game features only 2 levels. … Read More

Membership Card Design

So what have we been at, to start the new year off? We re-designed the membership card, for a local customer who wanted, an eye catching unique card design, that featured their logo and contact information and a well delivered … Read More


How to Remove Hola Search

Hola Search is a browser hijacker that modifies your web browser’s setting. These altered settings change your browsers default search engine and homepage to Hola’s own.  Hola Search is more annoying than it is dangerous, either way though, it should, … Read More

New Graphics Installation for Saint Patrick’s Visitor Centre

Happy to say we have successfully finished a signature project for Oin Interactive, our first ever Graphics Installation at the Saint Patrick’s Centre , Downpatrick, Co Down. just got the last few things finished yesterday. We worked with public sector … Read MoreRead More

4CNW Creative Directory Success Story

It is with great pleasure that we announce today Oin Interactive got listed successfully in the Creative State North West, Creative Directory. On the 21st March 2013 the Administration panel in County Sligo, recommended our business Oin Interactive, for inclusion … Read MoreRead More

The way forward – HTML5 – RiteFitness Website Design

Embracing Technology- RiteFitness Website Creation Website technologies are constantly evolving, and the benefits of this evolution, for both developers and consumers are vast.  Given the rise and increasing popularity of HTML5, more and more website developers are making the transition … Read MoreRead More


School Logo Designs

We were approached by a local School , who wished to have a Logo designed to represent them in an expanding education marketplace. We visited the school initially to gather a sense of what the school was trying to project … Read MoreRead More


Feargal Mac Ionnrachaigh

Feargal Mac Ionnrachaigh Website   Our latest website was created for Irish Political Activist and Author Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh. The website will serve two purposes, the first and most prominent point of interest being the release of Feargal’s new book, … Read MoreRead More

Why are mobile websites important?

Why are mobile websites important?   There has been a major increase in internet traffic over the last few years.  This increase is due to a number of factors, most prominent being the advances in mobile technology and the services … Read MoreRead More

Logo Re-Design a Short Case Study

The brief To redesign a 20year old logo, which served its purpose well, but is in need of updating. a Refresh. please modernise me the logo screamed! A bit about the Old logo Here is the OLD LOGO, a photo … Read MoreRead More

Latest Design of Foldout Flyer

This week we delivered our latest print design job to a local client in Belfast. The client was looking for a super quick turnaround and needed the job completed in less time than usual. The source files were ready to … Read MoreRead More

CPU heatsink clogged with dust

Computer Maintenance – Cleaning The Inside of a PC

Computer Maintenance Cleaning The Inside of a PC   Level:  Beginner Time Taken:  15-30 minutes What you will need: Philip’s screwdriver   Recommended Items: Cotton Buds > lint free cloth Isopropyl alcohol 90+% > water Compressed Air/small battery powered vacuum … Read MoreRead More

removing thermal paste using a q-tip

How to remove and apply thermal paste to a CPU

How to remove and apply thermal paste to a CPU Level:  Intermediate Time Taken:  10-30 minutes What you will need: Thermal Paste Cotton Buds/Q-Tips > lint free cloth Isopropyl alcohol 90+% /acetone> water   If your computer or laptop is … Read MoreRead More

Raidio Failte New Website

Raidio Failte Website Redesign   Upon first seeing the Raidió Fáilte website, it was obvious why they were wanting a complete redesign of how the website looked and how it functioned.  Among the bugs, broken links, missing files, bad coding … Read MoreRead More